Transpersonal and Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Trained in Reichian breathwork and bodywork with Ben Wong, M.D. and Jock McKeen M.D., and then adapting those skills and techniques through 25 years of psychotherapeutic and spiritual practice, I use breath, awareness and meditative techniques* to accelerate the process of moving mental, emotional and physical blocks in order to relieve suffering, release shadow material from the unconscious, shift relational and systemic patterns and accelerate an “awakening” process.

Clients often leave a session expressing a felt sense of greater aliveness, openness, relaxation and sense of wellbeing after having released unconscious blockages in their body/mind which simultaneously allows an outpouring of insight about their sometimes lifelong participation in their current predicament or habitual story.  For many, this approach is much quicker than traditional psychotherapy, coaching, meditation and study for achieving the results desired from those respective methods. Some individuals have significant, permanent spiritual/state/satori openings and shifts. This work requires trust in the process of opening to an expansive and liberated self which sometimes results in dramatic inner and outer change.

Coaching for Individuals at Late Stages of Development

Most people are aware that children develop in their ability to perceive complexity as they grow and age, but many people have no idea that adults can continue to develop and grow in their ability to perceive more and more of reality and its complexity. At Pacific Integral, my colleagues and I have been researching and observing the transformation of human consciousness.  Led by researcher/educator, Terri O’Fallon we are studying the language, behavior, relational and emotional patterns of individuals in our  leadership programs and we are discovering what consciousness looks like at some of the later known stages of adult development.  Using the SCTi/MAP sentence completion test, we assess a person’s current level of development and from there we can coach people on how to be healthy at their particular stage and/or what practices might be useful in their next phase of growth.

I offer coaching to people at later stages of development from Individualist through Unitive. Please contact me if you’d like more information or to schedule a session.  My fee is $120 per session for 55 minutes, $550 for a series of 5 sessions, or $1000 for a series of 10. We can meet in person in my Seattle office, by phone, or via skype.  I work with clients locally, nationally and internationally.

“Among her unique gifts, Venita exercises a “unitary presence” of mind-body assessment.
She uses herself with restraint, empowerment and artistic deftness, including a marvelous sense of timing.”  
Gene Kidder, M.Div., Psychotherapist, Seattle WA

*Prāṇāyāma is made out of two Sanskrit words (prāṇa = life energy; ayāma = control or modification). Breathing is the medium used to achieve this goal. The mind and life force are correlated to the breath. Through regulating the breathing and practicing awareness on it, one learns to control prana.


Non-dual Coaching No class currently scheduled

See Pacific Integral’s website for more information on our nine-month leadership program, Generating Transformative Change.

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